About Us


The Australian Memorabilia Association was founded in 2010 by a group of Australian memorabilia dealers and collectors. In 2015, the association was privatized by Mark Handel. The association continues to strive to be a helpful resource to educate and aid collectors in understanding the memorabilia industry as well as introducing the hobby to those who may have interest.  Questions for the AMA may be sent through the ‘Contact Us’ form.

Initially, the AMA brought memorabilia retailers together under one umbrella so that they had the opportunity to share product information and services relating to the Australian memorabilia industry. We also provided a platform to assist partnerships between suppliers and retailers so that they could contribute to increased profitability, business growth, and sense of community for the Australian Memorabilia Industry.  A list of current AMA retailers can be found on the ‘Recognized Memorabilia Retailers‘ page.

Over the years the AMA has grown and now offers two further services to the industry:

The first service provides a signature examination and a professional opinion on your autograph with ‘Authenticate My Autograph’.

Secondly, the association assist collectors in getting accurate market values on their collectables and unique memorabilia through our ‘Valuation’ service.

We hope the Australian Memorabilia Association will be a helpful resource to autograph collectors and retailers alike.