Examination Process

Examination Process for authenticating autographs


A high powered Digi video microscope is used to anaylise what type of writing instrument was used. The autograph structure is examined closely in respect to flow, slant and pressure.  The scope can also identify pre prints, stamped and autopen signatures.

The type of medium is assessed.  A Proprietary light may also be used to do determine the age of the medium.

An Exemplar side by side comparison is done against a minimum of three controlled samples.  Often, more are used.


Once the item is deemed genuine, the item is labelled with an invisible ink which contains a sequence specific to the AMA. This invisible ink can only be detected with a proprietary laser.

The item is tagged with an alphanumeric serial number in a discrete location. A matching alphanumeric serial number is generated onto the Certificate of Authenticity.


The item is registered with a unique assigned AMA number which allows collectors to verify their items by entering the registration number into our website.

Incorporated into each items profile is who signed the item, the type of item, the type of writing device, date of authentication and a digital picture of the exact signature on the item.