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Australian Memorabilia Association
PO Box 3201
St Pauls NSW 2031
PH: 0402 310 630

ABN: 41 594 496 809

Company Policies
 The Australian Memorabilia Association (AMA) will exercise all care in handling submissions for authentication. If the AMA determines the customer’s submission was lost or damaged whilst in the AMA’s possession the customer will be compensated in accordance with AMA’s Compensation Policy and not the insured value the customer assigned to the item(s) submitted.
  • The AMA will assume discretion of the placement of the AMA adhesive numbered identification tag and invisible ink on your submitted item/s.
  • We respect the opinions and views of other authentication companies along with collectors and it is not our policy to comment on the reputation/s of other companies, dealers, or persons nor do we take into account any other opinions that may have been obtained on the item/s submitted.
  • It is our policy for customers not to contact our office for results as no authentication result information will be given over the phone.
  • The AMA and the opinions depicted by our staff involve an individual professional judgment that is subjective. These opinions can change from time to time.
  • The AMA makes no warranty or representation and shall have no liability whatsoever to the customer for the opinion rendered by the AMA on any submission.
  • The AMA Certificate and numbered identification tag are protected by Copyright Law. Under no circumstances can these items be duplicated copied or displayed without prior written consent from the AMA.
  • The AMA do not offer any assistance or representation in regards to customers in reimbursement issues.
  • The AMA will assume the rights to an item that the service of examination has been completed on if payment is not made within 120 days.
Compensation Policy
Should your item become damaged or lost while in the possession of the AMA please note the following Compensation Policy.
  • A comparable replacement will be made if possible. If unavailable then compensation will be based on current fair market value.
  • If possible a validated and dated invoice is necessary for compensation. The AMA requires proof of purchase which must be presented before any compensation procedures begin.
  • Payment will be deemed as the current fair market value based exclusively on the AMA’s opinion and discretion.
  • We will not recognize the value placed on the item by the customer for insurance purposes as the fair market value.