Instant Opinion FAQ’s

What is the Australian Memorabilia Association Instant Opinion?

The Australian Memorabilia Association (AMA) Instant Opinion is a service designed to have an autograph reviewed quickly prior to purchasing it. AMA authenticators evaluate the autograph through the images provided in the online listing, or uploaded by the purchaser, and give their opinion as to whether the item is  ‘Likely Genuine’ or ‘Unlikely Genuine’. Keep in mind, these items do not go through the full authentication process, if you are the winning bidder of an item that was rendered ‘Likely Authentic’ through Instant Opinion you must submit that item to AMA in order for it to be fully authenticated and deemed authentic.  Submissions will be credited back their original $20 cost when submitting for full authentication.

What is the cost for a Signature Review?

AMA Instant Opinion costs $20

If the opinion is “Unlikely to pass full authentication” will I receive a refund?

No. The fee for Instant Opinion is charged regardless of the outcome of the results received, be that, “Unlikely Genuine” or “Likely Genuine”. The only instance in which a refund will be issued is if we are unable to render an opinion.

How long does it take to get a response?

Instant Opinion generally takes 24 hours. Please keep in mind, while our staff does its best to process each request in a timely manner, there may be instances where requests are made too close to the end of an auction. We will not issue a refund in this case and you will not receive an opinion, so plan accordingly.

Do I receive a Certificate/Letter of Authenticity if my item is found “Likely Genuine”?

No. Items submitted for an Instant Opinion have not undergone the full process for authentication. Our authenticators review the autograph based on the images provided, but because the item has not been reviewed in person, it is not considered fully certified. In order to receive a Certificate/Letter of Authenticity, the item must be submitted to the AMA to undergo the full authentication process. It is important to understand the opinion rendered through Instant Opinion is not guaranteed and errors are possible.