What players should I invest in?

Every week we are asked by someone “what players should I be investing in?” While we tend to stay away from giving specific player investment advice, there is a general plan we like to follow, and that doesn’t involve buying any current players for the most part.

Yes, obviously you can make some good money selling current players in the short term, however, their markets can be up one week and down the next week depending on how they or their team play. While buying and selling the young guys is super fun. You get to watch their careers unfold right before your eyes. They are very risky purchases. 99% don’t become the players they were expected to be.

If you are looking for long-term and stable investments, consider taking a look at some retired or deceased players and ask these questions:

Does the player’s item have unique special inscriptions on it?

Did the player have an outstanding career and belong to any unique record clubs?

Does the player have a unique story or play behind him?

Answering these questions may help your investment as anything that is collected, rarity is important.

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